Liste des produits de la marque WHIP’D USA

A lot of people are in love with the dessert flavored e-juices. If you are looking for a brand that specializes in that smooth, creamy, relaxing dessert flavor than Whip’d is your perfect answer! Whip’d bursted onto the scene not too long ago and has been killing the vape e-liquid game ever since. Their e-juices are all whipped cream flavors that range from regular vanilla to strawberry and even a whipped cereal flavor! Every single one of these e-liquids are all made with USP Kosher Nicotine which is the cleanest nicotine found on the market. Whip’d uses all FDA approved flavoring ingredients so you are provided with the best and cleanest flavor known to man. All of their e-juice has an appetizing design to them. Whip’d bottles their e-liquid in a bottle with a whipped cream shaped plastic top so the whole bottle looks like whipped cream. Clever right? Dessert lovers, you’re e-juice prayers have been answered! And if you have been dealing with problems such as coils getting gunked up within a day; your problem has been solved with this e-liquid. Also, as well as your cotton problems. This is really clear and clean sauce so cotton will last a lot longer with this brand. Check out some Whip’d juice! You will not regret it!

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